10 (paw)dorable pictures of the bride and groom with their best friends


When you’re an animal lover, your pet is very much your family. And there is no question whether or not they get to be a part of your big day. The answer is a yes, yes, yes! Cats and dogs are the furry friends who’ve been recently added on the guest list of the big fat Indian wedding. And what’s a wedding without pictures? They add the pAWW to the Aww-dorable!

There are many ways to get your meows and bows on board, but here’s ten times that these little cuties stole the show!

1. Color coordinating done right!


2. Even the little one is in awe of the brides henna design.


3. Cutest ring bearer or what?


  4. Love of her life, clearly.


 5. She’s definitely the most swag bride. What a head-turning bridal entry!


6.This puppy is a trained poser. He sure knows where the camera is.


7. Best proposal ever with the most adorable spectators.


8. Save the date, guys! *bow*


9. You can’t take a photo without me!


10. LOVE – in its purest form.


If you have a pet, then this blog must’ve given you high inspiration. Celebrating your big day with all your loved ones is what every bride and groom desires, so why leave the most loved member of your family behind. Make them a part of your big day and make your wedding more memorable. And with all the super adorable pictures, you’d probably take the internet by storm.

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