Thala & Shalini Celebrate their 16th Wedding Anniversary today


Thala & Shalini Celebrate their 16th Wedding Anniversary today

Thala Ajit & Shalini the most humble couple in Tamil Film Industry, celebrate their 16th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, 24th April. The Kollywood stars met back in 1999, during the shooting of the film Amarkalam when both were high flying actors.

The two have come a long way since, and with their second child, their love for each other appears as strong as ever.

It was Love at First Film. ‘Care’ brought them together

It was the first time on the set of Amarkalam that they met each other. Apparently, it was not a love at first sight. There is this scene in which Thala Ajit, is supposed to fling a knife at Shalini in anger, which accidently was close enough to actually inflict a skin wound her. Shalini instead to getting panicked, remained calm. This cool attitude & composed manner of handling such situation attracted him towards her. This actually resulted in Thala taking care of Shalini on the set, and love slowly blossomed.

Eyes can deceive

Words are not enough

Sometimes a touch is enough to bind two people in love. Together, Forever..

“A friend once showed me a poem,” Ajit sir recalls. “In it, the girl is described, by a friend, as beautiful. She replies, ‘I am not beautiful — it is my lover’s vision of me that is beautiful.’ I think I am like that. I am not personally a very good or handsome or wonderful guy, but Shalini’s vision of me is. And from now on, I am going to be the Ajit that Shalini visualizes — a calm, composed human being at peace with himself and his world.’

And every die hard fan of AJit sir knows that he has kept his word. 

Anoushka Kumar

In January 3, 2008 , the happy couple received an addition: Shalini Ajith gave birth to her first child. The young girl, Anoushka Kumar, is already one of the most famous faces in Kollywood.

Aadvik Kumar

In March 2, 2015, the most adorable couple received the most gorgeous son. Kutty Thala (what ardent fans of Ajit sir call him) has already gained huge fan following in social media. Like Father like Son.

Meanwhile, check out photographs of Thala Ajit and Shalini… through the years…

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Wedding Pics

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