#WeddingGiftIdeas : The couples want these wedding gifts


Wedding is when two people comes from different background, upbringing, beliefs, principles, taste, and choice to spend the whole life together. It takes a lot of guts and courage to tie the knot because in India you not only marry a girl or a guy but the whole family comes in tow. But whatever it is, any Indian wedding is like a dream coming true. So many colors come together for wedding from flowers to food, you would find life and color everywhere. Wedding gifts for couples is like a blessing to those two souls who are going to be each other’s companion for life.

Take a look at these gifts and really they are like the ideal wedding gifts which would always have an enticing appeal.

1. Bed sheets: They are entering a new life or may be to a new flat or space or may be flying to some other country or state. This would be required by them. I would suggest you to give a set of three or five bed sheets. Out of those, the most special one would be a personalized bed sheet carrying the couple’s pictures.



2. Crockery: This is obviously the most important thing for a newly-wed couple. Ceramic or bone china or terracotta – the choice of material for crockery items is totally yours. They would be more than happy for the gift. There would be announced and unannounced guests at the couples place as they are recently married. So, this would totally serve the purpose.

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3. A photo frame whose frame is decorated with stones or marbles is a nice idea to impress the bride and groom. The value of the photograph would increase with this beautiful photo frame and therefore sums up to be the perfect wedding gift for couples.


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4. Get a set of vases – one for the study table, one for dinner table, one for center of the room and a few for the corners. Groom these vases with some artificial flowers and decorative sticks.



5. Curtains: This is another category that would be loved by the couples for sure. Glittering ones, block printed ones, or you can even go for blinders for the new home of the couple. Bright colored curtains with no prints at all makes the home look so lively. But make sure you know the color of the rooms to buy the best curtains.



6. Watch : You can get a couple watch which means that the same looking watch can be gifted to this wonderful couple. Isn’t that really a lovely gift?


You would find these wedding gifts online very easily and therefore get your bookings done at the earliest.

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