The Darker the better. 4 ways to get a deep dark Mehandi for your big day!


Indian weddings are incomplete without Mehandi. Also in some traditions, every bride has to write the name of her groom on her hands on wedding with Mehandi.

Mehndi ceremony is a fun filled and also one of the most essential pre-wedding rituals.

Many believe, the more intense & dark color (mehandi color that you get once it dries up), the better loving husband you get. Some people even say that woman’s mother-in-law will also love her if she gets a pretty dark colour.

Here are some ez steps to get a dark colored Mehandi & get a loving mother-in-law:

1.Lemon & Sugar Solution: After applying the mehandi applied let it dry up a bit. Make Lemon & Sugar solution ( add 2tsp lemon juice &1 tsp of sugar with some water). Now using cotton bud the above solution needs to be applied on your hands and legs.


This lemon and sugar works wonders and have been a tried and tested strategy. Roughly after 3 hours, you can remove the mehandi by lightly rubbing it with both of your hands. Kindly Do NOT removes it using water

2.Use Mustard Oil if you are comfortable with Lemon &Sugar solution. Your Mehandi color will be quite deep and dark if you apply Mustard oil on your Mehndi and not wash it with water.


3.Heating some cloves in a pan and taking the smoke on your Mehndi will help your Mehndi get a dark colour.It is a very crude method of achieving dark mehandi colour, but still is one of the way to get it.


4.Apply Mehndi Oil before you start with Mehndi on your hands and legs. Mehandi Oil generally available in your local store helps you get the deep and darker colour.


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Try the above tips & let me know your response.

Also, Would love to know your personal experiences and styles on how you got the deep dark coloured Mehndi.

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