The most common Faux Pas – If You’re Going to a Wedding


1.If the couple hasn’t made the announcement- You can wait to publicly post your congratulations.



 2.Post private messages on any questions regarding wedding planning.

3.The couple’s other FB friends who weren’t invited, may feel embarrassed.

Do Post & Share pictures of the couples, but consider their request for right of first posting of their images


4.Kindly avoid using your phone.

Tweeting sporadically is fine, but don’t forget you were invited to celebrate their big day, not to play with your phone.


5.Kindly give way for the professional wedding photographer.

You can take as many photos as you like, but refrain from taking pictures by getting in the photographer or videographer’s way.


image source : randery imagery

6.Kindly use that wedding #tag- it was crested for a reason



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