Things that make every princess shed tears during “vidaai”

Why do girls have discrimination ?! Comparing to boys..!! Yes..!! Sometimes we consider ourselves as the luckiest creature..yet we don’t have blessing to stay with our Lovely Mom & Dad!!!



#1) Unconditional love of our Superheroes- Dad..

The bestest soul in this universe.He protects us,supports us,guides us.The one man in this world who never hurts us for any cause.He never allow us to cry.But at the moment when we are supposed to part, his love make us to cry


#2) The creator- Mom

She bear all our fights.Though we love our dad a bit more,we would be in no case forget to shower our love to mom.She teaches us a lot from cooking to life.Her patch up when we are low,her smile when we succeed ,her warmth when we give up sumting.Those nostalgic memories makes us cry.


#3) Our siblings-Perfect source of eternal happiness

Though we wouldve have fought zillion times for silly things,their love can never be compared to anyone.Right from schooling to job,they’re the ones lift up,knows all our secrets,finds hidden tears, solves suspicious acts.They make us emotional further.


#4) Our friends

Obviously,they are there for you every moment.They tease us,humiliate us, correct us, fight with us.Whatever might happen girls definitely gonna miss them badly.


#5) Paradise- Home sweet home

We cannot share our space thereafter in our heaven.The place we’ve grown up.Those nostalgic feel makes us cry.


These things makes us emotional a bit.However,life goes on.

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