Top Budget Mistakes made by couples in a DIY wedding planning

Top Budget Mistakes made by couples in a DIY wedding planning

Couples are often so engrossed in their wedding planning that they miss some important points which gives them a surprise at the wedding day. We share with you the top budget mistakes couples make during the planning process. And also, tips to avoid them:ezwed_blog_wedding_couple_1Distinguish between want & needs: You need a wedding attire, but you want a designer dress. You need to provide food for your guests, but you want to serve 15 courses .You may get confused between wants & needs. Understanding what is required based on the budget is important.


Stick To Your Budget- Keep this as your planning mantra.


Arrange for Enough Transportation: This is a part that is often overlooked by couples while planning their wedding. When you plan your wedding in a remote location, arranging for transportation should be a priority.


Be ready to Scale down your Wedding if necessary: You must know when to take a call, if the budget of any of the wedding aspect overshoots.


Lighting is very important: Don’t hesitate to spend on it. Adequate lighting will change the look of the venue.

Remember guests talk about the food at any wedding- One way to delight the guests is good food. Do not compromise on food for any other element of the wedding  


Select the Right Venue: Choose a venue that offers more than just an empty space, if you are not looking to customize every aspect of your wedding. It will save you on the hiring expenses of Chairs, setting up a stage, additional lighting etc.


Focus on service: Remember nothing delights the guest than good & courteous service. Good food but excellent Servicing, Proper guest Management ( all want to be treated like a king)

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