Trendy and Unique Wedding Invitations

Interesting, Fun, Trending and Unique Wedding Invitations of 2017

Internet and social media has made our life so effortless. Saving precious time and money for many, sending wedding invitations through e-mail, WhatsApp chat or simply creating a Facebook page has become a trend. However, as much as we try to surpass the fact that the 21st century millennial is open-minded and that printing Invitation cards is just pointless and harmful to nature, Now we all somewhere or the other anticipate the traditional printed wedding invitations being given.


No matter how trendy our approach may be to the concept of e-invites for any occasion, receiving formal wedding cards is still appreciated and well acknowledged. With modern couples these days having a desire to keep things new and different, wedding invitations have come a long way from being our fancy informational cards to something more fun & quirky.

How fun and quirky you ask? Unique wedding invitations like laser cuts, 3D designs and caricature invites are now high on demand. Scroll down to see what’s unique in wedding invitations and tell us which one will you give out to announce your wedding?




Printed Wedding Invitations

At first,We come back to the old school style of wedding invites – the printed wedding invitations. As you know by now, we dislike the mundane and anything that makes us yawn and put to sleep. Hence, in this old style too we give you some fresh ideas.

ez_weddingcard_266 ez_weddingcard_25 ez_weddingcard_24


Caricature Wedding Invites

Personalization taken to a whole new cute level! Caricature wedding invites is a fresh, new and quirky way of inviting your guests. The whole idea of this type of invite is to give your guests a lookie into the bride’s and groom’s fun personalities. Here are some ideas on how you can exhibit your own unique style.


ez_weddingcard_22 ez_weddingcard_21


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Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

With delicate laser cut designs, wedding cards meet elegance. From cute little shapes to covers, these laser cut wedding invitations are sure to mesmerize your guests and block their dates for D-Day.

ez_weddingcard_19 ez_weddingcard_17 ez_weddingcard_16


Monogram Wedding Invitations

Personalization or any element that makes a wedding celebration more meaningful to couples becomes the latest trend. Monogram wedding invitations is one of the recent fads that is picking up with couples who are going all out with not only creating hashtag of their wedding, but also going all aboard with a customized logo.

ez_weddingcard_14 ez_weddingcard_13

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Lace Wedding Invitations

With wedding these days being fashioned around a central theme and vintage wedding theme being one of them, lace wedding invitations seemed to have made a smooth entry into the wedding cards industry. They work great to add a classic and stylish touch to otherwise boring printed wedding invitations. Take a look.

ez_weddingcard_12 ez_weddingcard_11 ez_weddingcard_10

3D Wedding Invitations

With unique pop-up designs these 3D wedding invitations come in, they’re sure to instantly find some room in your guest’s display shelf. The cute little designs they are available in, there is no way your guests would want to give it away to the raddiwala.

ez_weddingcard_9 ez_weddingcard_8 ez_weddingcard_7


Wedding Invitation Frame

Wedding invitation frames play double duty as keepsakes for guests. You can either have your wedding details engraved on the frame or print the details on card and place them in the frame, allowing your guests to keep the frame for personal use.

ez_weddingcard_6 ez_weddingcard_5

Wedding Invitation Boxes

Wedding invitation boxes is the most sought-after choice for couples who wish to give a little more than just the wedding cards.  From filling it up with dry fruits to luxury chocolates and homemade pickles, jams and jellies, you can never go wrong with wedding invitation boxes.

ez_weddingcard_4 ez_weddingcard_3 ez_weddingcard_2 ez_wedding_card_1

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