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Latest trend in wedding garlands

In most of the wedding weddings utmost care is taken in arranging everything from welcome hall to dining hall.  The dress of the bridegroom sparkles in line with that of the venue.


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Though so much of decorations involved in a wedding, but finally the garland required is one. But just one garland makes whole lot of difference in ones marriage.  Hence, todays trend in wedding garlands is availability of numerous design options, like Garlands made from orchid and coronation flowers.

Previously Brides used to hold on to garlands more their own weight. Today its exactly opposite, they are demanding garlands of sleek design and light colours.

Colour spray system is used to make requisite changes

Engagement or wedding or reception, today couples are demanding garlands to match the colour and design of their wedding dress. Earlier, garland vendors found it very difficult to get the right flowers (flowers matching the colours of the couples wedding dress). But now, with the advent of technology in wedding industry, colour spray system is used to make requisite changes in colours of flowers used in garlands.

Earlier, selecting or choosing of garlands in a wedding was given the least priority by couple. But today, immediately after getting engagement, coupes are rushing to the garland vendors and selecting the flowers and are ready to put up a fight to get the right colour. They say “ we cannot compromise on the colour”


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Millennials only chant while shopping for garland is “ Show me more designs”

The price of garlands available in the market ranges from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 50,000/-. Intricate designs are involved with increase in price of the garland.


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Mr. Prem, Vice President of Dewze flowers, speaking on the topic “The pressure from the customer only drives us towards improvement in our standards and innovation in product design. The most difficult task is providing fresh flowers, which our customers are very particular”

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