* 8 Types of BridesMaids * You’ll find In Every wedding

A wedding is incomplete without your friends. They make fun of you, be by your side when whether you’re happy or sad. However, just like the different sizes of dress, friends also have different characters & behaviours. We give you few friends that are present at every wedding.

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  • The planning queen: Not just advise, she will plan the whole wedding even without your permission 
  • The helping type: Any assistance she will be there to lend a helping hand
  • The chull girl (party animal): Waiting for the party to start
  • The Instagram girl: Always clicking selfies and uploading on social media
  • The chillax girl: A girl just watching the wedding seated in a corner relaxed
  • The drama queen: Celebrities will seem better in front of her
  • The undependable one: You won’t find her in your wedding
  • The fashion goddess: She would be the center of attraction & everyone would be after her selfie & makeup tips.

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