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 38 Poes Garden,, - 600086

 Email: sumyogweddingplanner@gmail.com

Who we are

We specialize in theme based events like beach, garden etc. and have the expertise to help put together a Hindu,Muslim,Christian or any faith based event. We can coordinate an entire wedding or select functions and can scale to suit different budgets and styles. Ascertaining the requirements of the client is an integral part of our preliminary discussions, which helps us get a good understanding of what they envision their event to be. The next stage is translating the client requirement on paper, which includes detailed drawings by venue and function, cost estimation for each service. etc. The execution phase includes reviewing and adjusting plans as required and providing onsite supervision and quality control. We ensure that the decorations are per design, coordinate onsite service providers and handle any contingencies that may arise on the day of the event.

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