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 No 5 Raja Street Perambur, - 6000011

 Email: info@tpjweddings.com

Who we are

Since the dawn of mankind, Men and Women were bound to complete each other and fulfill their emotional void in their lives. To facilitate this completion of each other, mankind brought about the concept of marriage in which a Man and a Woman joined hands with each other so that they can lead their lives, dreams and aspirations with this connubial bliss by their side. However, the modern day concept of marriage has evolved by leaps and bounds, from being more than just a formal ceremony to something which is both fun and worthy of reminiscing. Among the current crop of run-of-the-mill weddings, there are few who want to look beyond this usual affair. They started to believe that since marriage is an Once-in-a-lifetime affair, they wanted even its experience to be the same. All this, will be done without altering the very fabric of tradition which is woven into our lives.How can this be done you ask, this is where we step in and take over. We at “The Purple Jaggery”, delved into this age old institution of marriage and decided to revamp it with such panache and aplomb that we have the reputation of being the “First of its kind in Chennai”. All of this, keeping the traditions involved intact. Our dedicated team ensures that the concepts are fresh, creative and all the hassles of planning the event are ours. Leaving everything to our hands, what do you actually do? Savor the memorable experiences and the joy of the occasion, nothing else.

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