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Yadhu Photography

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 30,Arundale beach road,Kalachetra colony Besant Nagar, - 600090

 Email: yadhuphotography@gmail.com

Who we are

Images from Yadhu Photography are CC {Candid & Creative}. They’re romantic, fun, and emotional. We are trying to give a unique style of wedding photography that is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism. We pride ourselves consider as a wedding portrait journalist/photojournalist even though it is difficult to fall into one category only. So many things happen during a wedding that the photographer has to wear several hats. Best would be to say that we have a documentary style with some fine art, more creative inputs. We are definitely more looking for the candid and spontaneity shots that will capture the true emotions. In that sense, our work qualifies as contemporary wedding photography.

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