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Anushka Salon and Spa

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 Old No. 8, New No. 13, 48th Street, Ashok Nagar - 600083

 Email: getsyshibani@gmail.com

 Website: www.anushkasalons.com

Who we are

The Anushka Group of Salons, has over the last decade successfully established itself as the absolute destination for your bridal makeup in chennai for affordable pre bridal package. Under the innovative guidance of Shibani Vasundran, internationally qualified beauty services and wellness specialist and expert hair-care professional, Anushka has grown to become one of the best salons in Chennai. Anushka offers ingeniously designed and managed salons services with skilled, meticulous stylists. The state-of-the-art equipment, advanced beauty services and cutting edge techniques are all finely oriented to satisfying the most discerning clients. Tailor-made services utilize ingredients and treatments especially selected to elevate the experience from the merely special to the truly unique. The dedicated staff is thoroughly trained by L’Oreal Professional Technical Experts in all aspects of client-servicing. All personnel undergo rigorous, intensive training, and are required to regularly attend workshops to keep abreast of the latest trends in styles and techniques, and continually develop their artistic creativity.

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