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Avsam Wedding & Event Planners

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 No 25. Lakshmi Nagar,Sri Rangam, - 620006

 Email: avsamevents14813@gmail.com

Who we are

AVSAM Wedding & Event Planners is a complete wedding planner company offering a ‘One Stop Shop’ solution for all your wedding desires. We are a blend of experienced personnel each possessing expertise in their area of specialization. After much studying & experience, we brought to existence a company that specializes in catering, floral decor, entertainment, bridal gowns, makeovers and hospitality to bring you a variety of choices all under one roof and at the best affordable prices, in one single package. We at AVSAM Wedding Planners will blend your ideas with our experience, creativity & professionalism to create a beautiful and memorable “Wedding Day”. Each wedding is as unique as the couples themselves. It's your moment & we would personally like to see it happen for you. It's our strong belief that 'Weddings begin before the Wedding'.

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