Welcome to Ezwed! Login and have loads of fun!


Welcome to Ezwed! Login and have loads of fun!


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 Corp.Office: Plot No 331 Door No: 15/1, First Floor, Alagirisamy salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai

 Email: luxepick@gmail.com

 Website: https://www.luxepick.com/

Who we are

LuxePick makes luxury fashion accessible for everyone with easy 'RENT' and 'BUY for LESS' options. luxepick.com is an online fashion portal, which gives you an easy taste of luxury with its designer jewelleries and outfits. Through its online renting business model, it wish to change the way you invest in fashion for your special occasions. Today's new age consumers are smarter and are constantly redefining luxury and high living in India. With us, they can enjoy unlimited choices to fulfill their desires of luxurious lifestyle within budgets. A new age platform that enables smart shoppers to 'access' luxury instead of owning it. We offer thousands of curated designer jewellery, outfits, handbags and gaming consoles for effortless rentals. Our target consumer is everyone who loves fashion and wants to save time, money and maintenance of it. Besides providing such convenience, a great designer wear can make a consumer feel extremely self-confident. We wish to take away the stress from our customers and we are confident that our RENTAL therapy replaces a chunk of retail therapy. Our aim is to provide an easy, glamorous and guilt-free shopping experience. Now you don't have to always feel that you have nothing 'new' to wear for your special occasions. With Hiflame14, your new virtual wardrobe is always on your fingertips, no matter where you are. Access is the New Ownership of 21st Century. Our on-line rental model enables everyone to have fun with high-fashion at a fraction of the price. By giving access to amazing luxury experiences, we wish to change the way you consume fashion and experience the power of "Time share ownership". We aim to be your favorite fashion destination for easy rentals and hope to have a fun, fashionable journey with you!

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