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New G G Mahaal

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 No 1A Thamizhar street,Near Arumbakkam MMDA Bus Terminus, Arumbakkam - 600106
Landmark: Near Arumbakkam MMDA Bus Terminus

 Email: newggmahaal@gmail.com

Who we are

If you are in Arumbakkam, then you must have heard about GG Mahal as it is a popular hall in Arumbakkam. If you are looking for a Kalyana Mandapam in the Arumbakkam area, then GG Mahal will definitely be in your shortlist. It is so popular that the best dates get booked much earlier, sometimes even years before the function. Located primarily on the 60 feet road, This hall has a standby generator, in case of power failure, the Kalyana Mandapam is supported by a functional kitchen with all appliances required to complete cooking for the guests. With a capacity of 450, the main hall and the dining hall are both air conditioned for the comfort of the guests. GG Mahal is one of the best choices for Kalyana Mandapam in Arumbakkam, Chennai, an hall for all functions. GG Mahal is suitable for all your events such as Meetings, the parking area can park vehicles.

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