Nike LeBron 13 Elite White/ Black – Gold | Detailed Look and Review

The Nike Elite series is now available in select colorways, and one of the more popular is the White/ Black – Gold based versions.

Today we give you a detailed look and review of the upcoming Nike LeBron 13 Elite in the White/ Black – Gold colorway along with a quick glance at the shoes tech specs. Expect a full performance review in the coming weeks and feel free to share your thoughts with us below in the comment section.



  1. Waiting for clearance to decide on these. Tbh I’m just drawn to the big carbon wing. The tongue detail is something I overlooked, too. Kinda wish it was done in black or gold vs just hiding in there.

  2. LeBron’s line is going to suffer at the price registers from now on. His shoes are becoming known as over priced pieces of garbage, especially since the changeover toward plastic materials. If his shoes were a premium cut, real premium mind you and not just a sticker on the shoes stating such, people probably would not blink at the pricing. However, with every other company using similar materials for their top of the line shoes, at an even lower price point, why should anyone spend that kind of money for someone who isn’t even the best, nor the most popular, player in the league anymore? Durant’s shoe seems like an insult to Kevin Durant for considering leaving Nike a few years back, with everyone else getting the joke but KD, I do not see how Nike is going to sustain their pricing for such crappy product.

    Without Jordan Retro’s, Nike is done.

    1. Lol.. Nike still makes great shoes. Kobe 10 & 11, Soldier 8 & 9, Super Fly 4, Jordan 29 & 30 (regardless of your thoughts on it aesthetically or progressively), Hyperrev, Kyrie 2 are all pretty damned good and not all super expensive. Adidas has some nice shoes in the Lillard 2, Rode 6, and crazy boost 2.5, but that’s about it.. limited offering. UA has the Curry 2 and upcoming 2.5 which are not very versatile (big men aren’t going to want to play in these) and what else worth lacing up?

      They sky ain’t falling my friend. And the lebron 13s are a fine shoe anyway, just expensive.

        1. Uh, no, they’re not. They’re a quality performance shoe. Good traction, good responsive cushioning, smooth transition heel to toe with a stable vase, nice lockdown with the flywire & heel counter, and fit due to the one piece design that actually provides some support. The foamposit could go, but they’re still really light despite the look. What exactly is crap other than the price? Yea.. nothing.

          1. You sound like a salesman. If the shoe was as good as you say, Steph’s shoe would not be outselling it. LeBron’s line has been shit for the past three years, with one year LeBron didn’t even want to wear his own shoe, so try and sell your crappy wears to someone else.

    2. It’s partly true that Nike seemed to watch money grow, but other brands just flat-out stepped up. We don’t truly know what Nike’s business plan is/was, or complete design philosophy. What if Boost never took off and Curry never became anything? Would Nike need to try so hard to impress? I know that’s a stretch and perhaps a pretty bold implication on their ethics….but we all know how they can do better with different aspects of a shoe and still meet price point, yet they stayed away from doing so. Perhaps they were sitting for competition to reignite again — a bit of cliche that would cater to their business agenda.

  3. Does anyone have any idea when this colorway releases? A lot of sites say May 5th and Footlocker shows the black pair releasing May 5th? This will be a good summer hoop shoe or at least until the KD 9, hyperdunk, XXX1, and any full length Boost model. (Most anticipated hoop shoes so far)

  4. Same Question as the previous two comments. When will the full performance review be released? I can’t decided between the normal 13s and the elites…

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