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Welcome to Ezwed! Login and have loads of fun!



Welcome to Ezwed! Login and have loads of fun!



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You probably thought that finding a perfect partner was the toughest thing you'd ever go through, but then you found out what it would take to plan a wedding. Well, don't worry because we are here to make you wedding planning interesting and ez.


Need to Select the right vendors? With more than 3000+ wedding vendors, we will help you find vendors that are perfectly suited to create your affair. At present you can book only photographers online, but in the coming months, new features will be introduced which will allow you to book venues and other vendors with us. No more wasted time contacting venues too small for your big day!


We all have doubts and who would help us better than people who share similar interest. We help you Connect with new people with make your planning ez. Our Forum is about using the power of online communities to:

  • Build personal relationships and networks of trust.
  • Bring together people with common interests or profiles.
  • Engage these specific groups of people.

Wedding Website

Beautiful designs of wedding websites. This is reliant upon the latest web knowledge and traditional design rules. In addition, we cultivate our designs using our taste and talent.


Stay on mission and on budget with our checklist. Our checklist will ensure that you manage all your vendors conveniently, and our budget tool will let you keep track on your expenditure.

Above all, we are here with you throughout your adventure. So, Best wishes! and Let's enjoy planning together.


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