10 Do and Don’ts for the South Indian Modern Bride

1.Do: Choose your Bridal Saree first (South Indian Modern Bride)

It’s going to be one of the most-talked-about things on your wedding! Everything else can wait. So, choose your Bridal Silk Saree first and then go about planning the rest of your look. Not the other way round.



2.Don’t: Juzzz focus on the frontal look

This is, perhaps, one of the most important wedding tips you will ever receive. We’re often too obsessed with just our front angle, that we end up ignoring all others. You may have chosen a Saree with a beautiful border, or a choli with gorgeous sleeve work, but don’t forget to check them from all angles. That drape may look jaw-dropping when you look in the mirror, but get someone to run a 360-degree check on your ensemble. 

3.Do: Pick contrasting  colors 

Red can go astonishingly well with colours as loud as fuchsia or cobalt, provided you successfully tie your outfit together. Of late, we’re looking at brides experimenting with florals, Swarowski crystals, chains, and what not. The trick, is to use them in light doses, and see to it that they don’t look off. All in all, your accessories must give a certain “closure” to your look.

11270649_462958327206812_2232961752689065092_o-1Pic Credit – Harishankar Photography

4.Don’t: Go overboard

How much is too much, really? Some of us brides are suckers for all things shiny, even if we may risk ending up looking like a disco ball. Here’s what I think: If you’ve chosen Kundan jewellery for your lehenga, don’t wear any other style. Alternately, if you’re wearing a diamond set, don’t let anything else overpower it. Of course, less is NOT more for a bride. But hey, radiance is not an easy thing to achieve.


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5.Do: Book a Hair Trial

So, here’s a funny story: On the evening of my engagement, I hated my hairdo so much, that the moment I exited the salon, I undid my hair in the car, wailing and panicking on my way to the venue. I was already an hour late, and so, couldn’t even afford to ask the stylist for a redo. #TrueStory. But, unlike mine, many beauty studios offer hair trials, and you could choose your preferred hair accessories. Don’t wait for the last moment and put all your trust into the hairstylist.


Pic Credit – Vaagai

6.Don’t: blindly follow magazine trends

We do that, don’t we? Despite warnings, we end up imagining ourselves in place of the model in the magazine. You know what? Don’t. I’ve learnt, it’s better to stick to your comfort zone and not get carried away. Your risk may or may not pay off, but one thing’s for sure – you would never get to change that day in your life.

7.Do: Add antiques to your jewellery

We all love a touch of the antique, don’t we? Nothing’s quite fascinating as wearing a necklace passed down through generations in your family. As much as possible, try including a thing or two from your mother’s jewellery collection for your wedding. The emotional connect you’ll experience on the day would be out of this world. Which brings us to the next point.


Pic Credit – AA Photography

8.Don’t: Get bogged down by family traditions

It’s a totally different thing if you don’t want to. Why wear something you don’t even like on your wedding? Not all antique jewellery can keep up with today’s bridal trends. So, it’s best to discuss it with your mother, get it redesigned, or simply turn it down.

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9.Do: wear tons of bracelets, bangles, and hath phool

This is where you can experiment as much as you want. As long as they don’t weigh you down, you can wear as many hand accessories as you want. The more the merrier- they make for some fabulous photographs and can also make your look go from traditional to funky pretty quickly.

967116_543650375709803_463175021_oPic credit – Aju Photography


10.Don’t: wear a watch. Under any circumstances. Avoid clutches too

Ever seen an Indian bride wearing a watch? I rest my case. With clutches too- there are so many things going on, the last thing you need is a clutch in your hand amidst the madness

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