10 Feelings Every Bride Sitting in front of Agni kundam Gets

10 Feelings Every Bride Sitting in front of Agni kundam Gets

It doesn’t matter, even after planning for almost months together for the most special moment of your life. You just cannot stop the rapid thoughts & feelings running in your mind when you sit in front of the Agni Kundam. Trust me babes, you cannot stop these emotions there:

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1.Why is the temperature too high here? Sorry I am sitting in front of (fire symbol)

2.You try to listen to the pundit, but don’t understand a word of his continuous chanting

3.Is my would-be bored?

4.I can watch my friends laughing at something from the corner of my eye. Bitches better update me later!

5.Hope my make-up lasts long


6.I hope the photographer is taking the right pics

7.”I’m all rumbly in my tumbly”. I need to eat right away.

8.The bridesmaids are discussing something. I need an update once I tie the knot.

9.Pundit just finish the mantras fast, I can’t wait any more

10.I just can’t wait to get out this heavy Kanchi pattu. No offence it just very tiring






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