10 Promises to My Future Husband from Every Bride-To-Be

Dear Future Husband,

I may have or may not have met you yet, but I already have a few promises I’d like to make to you. All for a blissful, serene, satisfying and upbeat life together. So, here it goes

1. I promise to try not to get annoyed when you not remember to call me back.As I understand that you’re most likely actually busy

2. I promise never to let either of us go to bed irritated.

3.I promise to always share my food with you!


4.I promise never to compare… you or our love – to anyone, ever.

5.I promise not to get envious.

6.I promise to accept you as you are and expect you to change for me.


7.I promise not to get influenced by others regarding our relationship.

8.I promise to let you go out with your friends often

9.I promise to support you to live your dreams without any compromise!

10.I promise to love you for eternity…


Yours forever!


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Picture Credit – Deepak Vijay Photography  Nikki MUA



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