10 Things to Get Closer…!

Life is a beautiful mystery; we never know who is gone travel in our long way or who will stay short in your way holding too much place as a memory in this puzzled life  all we are trying to lead is a happy life, one such happy time is the time between engagement and marriage with bundle of emotions in which few are expressed few lie with expectations on these days the bride and groom will be keep thinking on their preceding days and get confused with lot of new things which they are gone experience for the first time , there are times you get hyper just because of the mixed emotions you feel on these days to stay in your level of cool take it lite do every bite happy and with too much joy ,create situations to make your partner feel like a prince or a princess of the world . Here are some lists of ideas to make your preceding count for that beautiful day-HAPPY.

  1. Love marriage couples would enjoy their time well but love after marriage would be little confused after their engagement day; they would like to start their way from here start it with the proper message praise your partner for what you like about them there would be a SILENT EXPECTATION from both the side always keep it filled by expressing your love for your partner.

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     Photo: Deepak Vijay Photography

 2.Find your partners favorite hobby which they have always done and not  now may be left for so many reasons ,find their interest and accompany them to continue it or select a right gift related to it to make them know that you have understood their INNER  FEELINGS as well .


3. A COFFEE DAY out meet for coffee in a nice cool atmosphere or in a nice ambience have a chat share all the good things you have experienced make that day a more positive day be a gentleman and a beautiful lady for the day


   Photo : Mystics Studios

4.Always start your conversation with text make your partner feel excited by giving sudden SURPRISE CALLS in your excited moments and end your conversation with so much of love and care.


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5. TREAT THEM AS A BEST FRIEND, share and discuss the best moments and jokes you have come across


6.LONG DRIVE day take them for a long drive for their favorite destination, play their music list make you partner feel blessed and feel what more.



Photo : Aashish Photography

7. In this period if there is a SPECIAL MOMENT coming up for you partner make it a great celebration with lot of surprise which they would have never experienced till day.


Photo : Ranganath Photography

    8. Get CLOSE with your partner’s circle of friends which would bring you little more close.


 Photo : Aashish Photography

    9.Here comes the real  celebration sit plan together for your bachelor party invite your closest first circle of friends and have a blast for full night ,find some time to talk with your partner make them feel jumping around clouds in your love.


Photo : Suhas Photography

10.Your marriage dress is something decided by two families but your reception dress completely your call involve in deciding  your partner’s outfit and make it a first MOMENT OF DECISION TOGETHER


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