4 things to lookout for before zeroing in on your wedding photographer

A Picture paints a thousand words. If you want to cherish the best moments in your wedding, throughout your life, you have to get the right photographer. Choosing the will be a piece of cake, if you get answers to the following questions:



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  1. Fashion/technique

How would you want your wedding album to look like?


[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A Picture paints a thousand words.[/pullquote]

The first thing you must do , before researching photographers is to finalize what type of photography style you prefer?

Do you want something photojournalistic, where the photos capture the moment as exactly as they happened and the photographer acts as an observer, which is candid photography, or a classic portrait with fly-on-the-wall shots; like your parents album, where the photographer documents the wedding in a traditional way; or something unconventional and artistic with photos like an offshoot of fine art or tilted angles?


This will aid in deciding the kind of photographer needed to shoot your wedding i.e a photographer with the same style as your goal

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2. Financial planning

How much is your budget?


The average spending on wedding photography in India is around Rs. 50,000/-. No problem if your budget is low, we can always help you get the best photographer in the best price.

  1. Go the whole nine yards.

Get to know the whole picture.


You can’t judge a book by its cover. When analyzing/researching vendors, look at their complete wedding albums, not just one photo shoot.

  1. Does your photographer know you?

A photographer can capture wedding moments in a better way if he knows you or understands your requirement. You can request for a video chat at first instance and then have an in-person meeting to strike chemistry.


A photograph is a something that freezes the moment for eternity, so please take your time in choosing the right photographer.

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