5 Genius Tips To Plan A Wedding… In Just *One* Month!

You may think who plans for a last minute wedding. People spend months together to plan their wedding. But wait, you might be in a situation wherein you’re wedding planning on moving abroad and want to go as Mr. & Mrs. or must be very eager to tying the knot without a moment to spare as you just can’t wait any longer to become husband and wife.

Whatever may be the reason, bear in mind that planning a wedding at the last minute is an herculean task and will leave you in a whirlwind. Fret not, Follow our five easy planning tips and you’ll circumvent confusion and anxiety and take pleasure in each stage to the maximum!

Keep your budget in mind

Please don’t get afraid just because you’re short with time and overspend, hopeful that it is the answer. If you’re on a tight budget and have very little time, then consider seeking advice from professional day-of-wedding coordinators who might charge minuscule fees for it. Inform them clearly how much your budget is they will be able to negotiate discounts and special rates for you are more likely to be able to come up with some amazing last-minute solutions for you.

Wedding outfit

With the advent of boutiques & branded shops wedding dress can be ordered at much shorter notice. Take a look online and you’ll find that many companies offering same-day delivery. The most vital thing to see is the fit; ensure that everyone’s measurements are exact before ordering

Just Do it yourself

If you’re having trouble finding a vendor at short notice, then visit a online planning website choose one from it. Don’t attempt any complicated arrangement like themed wedding(wedding planning) in the last minute. Try to keep it simple.


Please note that to shell out less money to the babus at the register office, initiate the basic documentation at least one week before the wedding. If you’ve decided to push off abroad then ensure you have all the legal documents you need in place to do it i.e marriage certificate.


Finishing touches

You don’t have to spend much time on it; sometimes the simplest thing is best. If you’re having wedding at a Banquet they will take care of it all.

Getting married last minute is feasible – just remember the above points, particularly our words on Paperwork. Getting married last minute you’re going to be husband & wife just that little sooner!


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