5 simple tips to lose the extra weight before your Big Day

Every bride wants to lose the little bit of extra weight that denies to leave her body. And there’s nothing like an engagement ring to motivate you to do that. In India healthy eating gets flushed down the toilet before the big day. It is then that all your family, neighbours and friends decide to make you marvellous meals which are only leading to weight gain.

You deserve to look and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day—whatever that means to you. Weight loss or no weight loss, that’s just up to you. But staying fit is always advisable.


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Here are five simple tips to lose the extra weight before your big day.

  • Drink Water

Skip the soda and fill yourself up with water. No drink like water to flush out those toxins, and this will also prevent over-snacking. Eight glassed of water they say, but in reality you need to drink a litre of water for every twenty kilos of your weight.

Tip: If drinking just water is something you aren’t used to, fresh juices can always be a healthy option.


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  • Fill up on Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits should make a good part of your diet. Make a nice salad or if you’re fond of fresh cut fruits that could be a great meal too. This will help prevent snacking and also slim down your usual diet, which is good.

  • Reduce Alcohol /Caffeine intake

Alcohol and caffeine cause you to bloat which is not something you want before your big day. We understand cutting down entirely would be difficult, but reducing the intake may reap quite a lot of benefits.


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  • Healthy snacking

Snacking is something that can’t be prevented and comes very handy while you’re in the middle of shopping, but keeping some healthy and protein rich snacking options in your bag can do you a lot of good.

  • Exercise

Yes! This had to be a part of the list. Exercise is the only way by which you can quickly burn those extra calories. It isn’t necessary for you to do a strenuous workout, but a good 20 minutes of walking or any exercise can do wonders. But the walking you do during shopping cannot be counted as exercise. Even a few minutes of yoga can brighten you up!


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Lastly, if you’re genuinely following all of the above then it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while because at the end of it; it is your big day and you deserve to have fun.

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