A guide to a sustainable wedding

Indians are always known for planning a BIG FAT wedding. But, with so many issues at rise, here’s a topic that’s really close to my heart. While we spend a humungous amount on the biggest day of our life, we could implement a few ways to add more meaning and care to our day. Here are a few easy tips on how to make your big day more sustainable.


Choosing an outdoor venue, especially during the morning and early evening can save you a lot of electricity. But if that seems impossible, you could always choose a venue with a lot of natural light and ventilation. That would not only be sustainable, but imagine all the beautiful pictures you can click in the natural light.

A guide to a sustainable wedding


You could use re-usable décor. Umbrellas, fabrics, suspended lights are décor that can be used time and again.  And your choice to put together something like these being mindful of what you’re using can be a smarter way rather than using decorative made of paper. Clearly they aren’t something that can last long.

One could always choose real flowers for their décor. But remember to choose locally grown and available flowers instead of importing them.

A guide to a sustainable wedding
A guide to a sustainable wedding


The best part about South Indian weddings are their tradition. The traditional South Indian meal is served on a ‘ezhai’. The use of plastics is minimal, but wouldn’t it be great if it were completely avoided? We could always choose bamboo or stainless steel over plastics.

A guide to a sustainable wedding

Bridal wardrobe

We can understand how important the clothes for your big day can be on your big day. But we Indians have so many functions before actually landing to the big day. It would be nice if brides can borrow or fix ourselves something from a friend or relatives wardrobe. We can always add a little tinge of you to any piece of clothing.

These are some simple tips on how you could make your wedding a little more sustainable.

A guide to a sustainable wedding
A guide to a sustainable wedding

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