Alluring Brides of India that left us Spellbound…!

United we stand, divided we fall! We’re lucky to be in a nation with so many cultures, there are so many traditions that will leave us in awe. All we have to do and stand by, and let the rich history sink in. Weddings are our favorite part of any tradition; they’re all about the rituals, ceremonies and the beautiful meanings they hold. And definitely the amazing variety of food, we’re lucky to enjoy an array of delicacies because they didn’t call Indian wedding ‘the big fat Indian weddings’ just like that. Every girl has a picture of herself on her wedding day prefixed, and now we’ve artisans who turn their dreams into reality.

Here we have makeup artist Ramya Raveendran who created three distinct yet stunning looks along with Studio 149, Pashudh, Vetri Hair & Makeup and pretty décor by Pink Parrots. All the action was caught on camera by The Mask Digital with VFX Ganesh and Karthik on the edit team.

Divya Barti looked vibrant in the white gown; can you imagine her walking down the aisle? After all, there’s something about a wedding-gown prettier than any other gown in the world.



“Saree is a power suit when worn by a woman, it makes her feel majestic on her big day” – we couldn’t agree more. Sarees always have a special place in our heart and this pastel pink saree by Pasudh made us fall in love with ‘pattu’ all over again. What betters the saree look is the gorgeous blouse and jewelry, and Studio 149 got us at the wreath design on the selves. The maanga maalai and kundan emeralds are the recent rave, Rajatamaya got us bowled there. Pragyanagra looked fabulous.



Don’t tell them you’re muslim, show them you are! Seetha Lakshmi leaves us mesmerized dressed in a gorgeous lehenga from Studio 149 complemented with some stunning emerald and kundan jewelry by T and J boutique.



With makeup and hair on point, we just cannot pick a favorite because we love all our brides for our only goal is to make their wedding process stress-free and happy!





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