Bride with Bridemaids Moments

This women’s day , here’s a shout out to all the bridesmaids out there standing by their friend on her big day. Being a bridesmaid is such an honor, right? but it’s no walk in the park . They stand as the pillars of strength to their best friend as she marries the man of her dreams . The term bridesmaid as simple as it sounds engulfs years of trust and belief in one another and also an epitome of women hood. Right down from the planning process to helping the bride get into the dress , putting on her shoes ,  checking for any hair thats out of place ,documenting the getting ready part, helping her to the restroom or in any last minute panic , name it and the bridesmaid’s got it all under control ! CELEBRATES WOMEN HOOD.

 You do this because you love each other.  Because the bonds of friendship and womanhood are strong.  As women, we stand by each other during the good times and the bad, and really know how to celebrate the good times together.  We celebrate each other, we celebrate our victories and triumphs, our accomplishments.  And, what better day to celebrate than a wedding day! and here’s a little note to the bride’s , make sure you get all your special moments with your girl gang documented .These images will last a lifetime and will bring back beautiful memories of how your girls were there for you on this oh so special day! 

Here’s to the bridesmaids, the girlfriends who know you and love you as you are.  The girlfriends, bridesmaids who will do anything for you, including, but not limited to,  bustling your dress, fasting bracelets and necklaces, adjusting your hair , calming nerves, hugging on a whim, giving funny and heartfelt speeches, taking selfie, and wearing matching dresses without complaint!  

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