Beautiful Engagement Story Narrated by The Groom…!

Brotherrrr! That’s what she used to call me and annoy the hell out of me. Just like Nazriya does in the movie Raja Rani 😃.

Ours is one of those love stories in which everyone around us knew that we are perfect for each other. But to my surprise, both of us didn’t think so. Atleast in the beginning.

She’s a dentist by profession and someone who lives to “Eat and Sleep and a Make-up enthusiast”. I’m a Power Engineer who lives to “Workout and Roam around the world on good bikes and cars”. So it’s going to be a matter of me trying to not get fat eating along with her and her not being lazy and traveling around the world with me 😉


It all began on one fine day some 10 years back when I was still back in college( I don’t remember the date, and she’s gonna kill me for that 😛).

First impressions were not that great I must say. She came across as a girl with a lot of attitude and anger issues and me as a spoilt brat who was just not serious about life.

As days passed on we got really close and our opinions about each other changed for the good and we gradually became an irreplaceable and the most important cog in each other’s lives.

They say don’t lose the moon while counting the Stars. That almost happened with us as we kept looking for that “Right” person and feeling all jealous and uncomfortable when each of us managed to find someone. More like in the movie “When Harry met Sally”.


So it all began 3 years back when things were starting to change and when we started feeling like we’ve been too dumb to not realise that we are perfect for each other over all these years. She started feeling really nervous and was in a dilemma if all this is right, that was when me who was working in a village in Rajasthan took my car at midnight and drove 400km to the airport and took the first flight to Chennai and stood at her doorstep the next day. Little did she know that I was coming. And her mood took off, along with our relationship.

The best part is, we both complete each other and make up for each other’s flaws and are very comfortable with each other doing the most unromantic things. 😝



So after a countless days of being there for each other, countless surprise visits, surprise birthday parties and a dreamy surprise Proposal by the beach we have taken our relationship to the next level with absolutely no opposition from our parents as I was like her mom’s best friend 😝

Yes! We have got engaged and this is our engagement album you guys are gonna go through. Hope you all like it 😊 And do look out for our wedding and reception album in the future as it’s going to be a beautiful and colorful outdoor wedding in a lawn 😊 Its going to be an Intercaste wedding with a mixture of Tambrahm and our rituals. We have broken a few barriers out there as well 🙂




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