Best of 2018 – Most Beautiful Bridal Portraits

2018 was a year full of magic, festivity and experiments! Bringing you the best of 2018,to reduce your wedding planning struggles of 2019. From chic brides to brides who kept it very traditional on their big day, here’s the best of what 2018 had to offer. Scroll down to see pictures that you won’t forget and major bridal inspiration!

Her eyes told a love story!



This bride took us down the memory lane. A beautiful mystic touch like no other.

44681555_1233430480131267_5534245732342562816_o (1)


A royal in monotone.

3 AswinSuresh Photography - priyanka

Look through her… what do you see?

4 Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

She was her own kind of beautiful.

5 Chethan Royie Photography - 2

5 Chethan Royie Photography - 1

She smiled, and that was it for him.

6 Deepak Vijay Photography - 2

6 Deepak Vijay Photography - 1

Didn’t this bride curate a stunning combination of white, silver, green and gold? Who would’ve thought it’ll blend like magic.

7 Deepak Vijay Photography 2

7 Deepak Vijay Photography 1

Some smiles, you just look through.

8 Dilipan photography

How much kemp’ is too much kemp’u?

9 Emmanuvel photography

A beautiful bride in black and white.

10 Eden Studios 1

10 Eden studios 2

Hello gorgeous!

11 Focuz Studios - Wedding Photography - India

One bride, so many emotions.

12 fifth angle

She’s wearing an invisible crown.

13 fifth angle

This bride is the definition of a princess in a magnificent setting.

14 fifth angle 14 fifth angle studio

Her elegance gleams through her eyes and her smile.

15 fifth angle

Be a classic in a world full of new!

16 aishwarya photos 1 (2)

16 aishwarya photos 1 (1)

Under the sunshine, she looked at him and smiled.

17 jeevan wediing 1 (1)

17 jeevan wediing 1 (2)

Just him beside her was enough to keep that smile intact.

18 Kabir Gowda Photography

Subtle, stylish and stunning. Isn’t this bride just flawless?

19 Lumiere Wedding Company 1 (1)

19 Lumiere Wedding Company 1 (2)

She’s found her Mr.Right, what about you?

21 Minchu by Sujay & Shreyanka (1)

21 Minchu by Sujay & Shreyanka (2)

Mint green and messy hair is our kind of favourite.

20 Lumiere wedding company 1 (1)

20 Lumiere wedding company 1 (2)

They’re showering the bride with happiness for her happily every after and that happy shows on her face.

22 minchu sujay shreyanka (1)

22 minchu sujay shreyanka (2)

Ah, such a mystical bride.

23 Mystic Studios (2)

23 Mystic Studios (1)

A bride so flawless in white, and a subtle play of light. Quite magical.

24 neha samuel (2)

Bride says ‘hello, big day!’

25 the memory writers

Flowers, love and smiles for this brides big day.

26 the memory writers (2)

26 the memory writers (1)

Walking into a new story like a boss!

27 zero gravity

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