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Having a background on Designing with a Bachelors degree from Anna University, Guindy, it was always a dream for me to start a boutique. When I shared this idea with my husband Nithish Reddy he too wanted to chip in and help me start it right away. And that’s how with a vision to blend the fashion across the country we started Ishithaa.. Our personnel are carefully selected based on their skills and each one of them have about 20 years of experience in this field. They act as our guides in the production unit and transform the design we have in mind to a beautiful garment.


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Fashion according to us is bound by imagination which implies there’s no limit and who’s to say what not to wear ! It can be daunting because of the incredible design talent out there, but it is so extremely exciting to have my own style and vision out there in the world for someone to relate to and fall in love with. Combining Colors.. Sketching up designs… Thinking from a different perspective ultimately leads to new trends and we thrive hard to be trend setters.. 🙂

When we started Ishithaa there was very less awareness among the young generation about designer blouses compared to Hyderabad or Bangalore. But now , it has outgrown those cities to beat their trend with evolving designers across the city..


We wanted to give the Chennai brides and the bride to bes a whole different experience in designing their wedding blouses. The most important thing is to maintain a sense of elegance, patience, and humour. I was a bride myself—a perfectionist at that—so I understand when I have a client who is fixated on a detail that others might not see as a “big deal”. Everyone has their own specific “thing” when it comes to their wedding. That acted as a tool to drive us in designing bridal wear and open a Special Bridal Lounge.


I’d say that it’s crucial for a bride to be as decisive as possible when choosing what she likes. It often becomes overwhelming for the bride because she can’t decide which style she prefers. It’s key to go with something that you feel the most confident (often times meaning the most comfortable) in rather than trying to find something that accommodates a mom/sister/future mother-in-law/friend’s idea for what she should wear. Too often , designers fall in love with their products or service and forget that it’s the customer’s needs, not their own, that they must satisfy. But at Ishithaa, We carefully scrutinise what the bride really wants and give them the best. Intricate detailing in every design and giving the perfect fit always stays as our motive.

The Gorgeous Designs Made by Ishithaa






















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Contact details : Ishithaa, No 104/11, Arihant VTN square, gnchetty road ,

Tnagar , chennai-17.

You can Call or Whatsapp  9884179863/044-24315336

Contact via Facebbok: Ishithaa Boutique [/pullquote]

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