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Every girl loves jewellery. While some have magnificent pieces passed on for generations, there are some of us who buys what we eye. A woman’s eye is keen to self update about the latest jewellery designs, about where to find them and buy them. The search is extensive and strikes those who truly love jewellery.

South Indian weddings are a live display of an array of jewellery. The magical nethi-chutti, the clanking bangles, the beautiful haarams and whatnot! Gold, diamonds, pearls, stones, we ladies want to own a striking piece for every occasion. That’s why decided to make a blog dedicated to some breathtaking pieces of jewellery to fulfil our quaint love for it. 


Photo : I Fotos By VigneshParsan Photography 

It’s not like the olden days where we bought intricate jewellery and stored them in the lockers until we got a successor for the piece. These days brides make sure the pretty pieces of jewelry they buy is modern, functional and beautiful. A piece of jewellery can really define the bride herself. If she’s delicate, bold, simple, the list goes on.


Photo : Deepak Vijay Photography 

Here are some pictures of beautiful brides who wore some gorgeous pieces of jewellery on their big day and they make the perfect inspiration for any bride-to-be!


Photo : Suhas Photography 


Photo : Jeevan Wedding Arts Photography 


Photo: Aaron Obed Photography 


Photo : Studio A By AmarRamesh Photography 


Photo : SDS Studios Photography 


Photo : Minchu Studios Photography 


Photo :RVR Pro Production Photography 


Photo: ZeroGravity Photography 



Photo : Lee Photography



Photo : RVR Pro Production Photography 


Photo : Studioclickz by Kiruba Krishnan Photography

Some tips that could come handy while choosing jewellery for your big day :

  • Buy detachable heavy jewellery, so there’s always a chance you could re-use them easily.
  • Always see if your can use you ancestral jewellery, classics never go out of style.
  • Keep the jewellery highlighted.
  • Choose light weight earrings. You should be comfortable in them.

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