Bridal Expert Tips – A Complete 12 Month Bridal Makeup Checklist

Achieving an amazing Bridal look starts with what kind of makeup you use. To put your best face forward, we suggest bridal checklist. Get Ideas, brides!

9 -12 months Before

  • Decide on your wedding beauty budget. Don’t forget to include any pre-wedding treatments, such as facials into your plans.
  • Start a beauty binder to contain notes, photos, and magazine clippings to provide inspiration for your big day
  • Find out which salons or local artists offer wedding hair and /or makeup. Request price lists too. Since this might narrow your options
  • Decide if you are ok going somewhere for your hair and makeup day of or if you’d like the stylists to come to you.
  • If you’re thinking of a new haircut or colour for your wedding. then now is the time to try it all out
  • Work with your dentists to address any concerns you may have


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6-9 months before

  • Schedule trial hair and makeup runs with any salons or artists in the area that offer bridal services
  • If you plan to do your own makeup, then start playing with different colours, looks, and styles.

4- 9 months before

  • Schedule hair and makeup appointments for the big day
  • Visit a dermatologist if you have any minor skin issues you want to address before your wedding
  • Test drive any skin & body treatments to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction. Plan a schedule of services with your authentication
  • Consult with a brow specialist if brows need to grow out and/or be reshaped


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1 month before

  • Get a trim.
  • Begin an optional at home tooth-whitening treatment or go in for a professional one.

2 weeks before 

  • Touch up your roots if your hair is colored
  • Prepare clear directions to your wedding site & deliver them to everyone on your beauty team
  • List & prepare your contact information and beauty team arrival times.
  • Schedule manicures & pedicures for the day before the wedding
  • To save time prepay for any beauty services planned for the day of the wedding


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1 week before

  • Confirm all beauty appointments
  • Arrange to have a bridesmaid bring any hairpieces or accessories to the wedding site. so you don’t have to fear about keeping track of them on the day
  • Start packing a bag with everything you will need for the wedding day.
  • Get your final facial and body treatments to ensure maximum glow for your wedding

1-2 days before

  • Apply self-tanner if you’re using it or go in for a professional application
  • Go in for manicure and pedicure. It’s a best idea to bring your own colors so you can touch up any last-minute chips on the spot
  • Wash your hair for the last time before your wedding Day dirty hair holds the style better than freshly washed hair
  • Do a deep-conditioning hair spa approved by your stylist

The wedding day

  • Shower four to five hours before your call time with a tight shower cap on to protect your hair. confirm arrival times with vendors and wedding party
  • Get your hair styled three hours before call time
  • Start applying makeup, or having it applied, while hair is setting or after it is styled at least one to two hours before the ceremony
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your hands and double check your manicure. All eyes are on your new ring
  • Don’t forget to touchup essentials with your mean you head to the ceremony
  • Spritz perfume just as you are leaving so you will still have it on as you walk down the aisle.

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