Choose from these glam colour schemes for your Big Day…!

Trends are created and recreated over time. The new age couples are always looking for something out of the box, details that make the crowd go ‘wow’! Here are some trending color schemes to choose from for your big day. Weddings happen once in a lifetime and decor is a crucial part of any Indian wedding, don’t settle for a look from the book instead make a look that speaks of your style. Here are few color scheme swatches that you will love!

  1. Mint green & hints of pink!

Mint green has taken over the pastel world pretty quickly. Everyone loves the subtle green and the hint of pink is the perfect touch needed to create a balance between the subtlety and festivity. From decor to fashion, everyone is enjoying their share from this swatch!






  1. Graceful white with a pop of pink!

The graciousness of a vibrant white decor remains unmatched. It can make any space look stunning and surreal. While white is very classy, a little touch of pink can add some glam to the festive decor. It’s a smart play of mixing both the colours in proportions such that the beauty of white can be appreciated.







  1. Blissful Blue and bright Yellow.

Lately, the bright and happy decor was all about reds and oranges! But now, we’ve found the perfect swatch that’ll substitute bright red and happy oranges – Blue and Yellow. These contrasting hues from the color wheel make a vibrant and festive color scheme. They have a very quirky and young tone to them. A little bit of pinks and purples can result in an interesting play of colours for your decor.

Which colour theme would you choose for your big day? Let us turn your dreams into reality!





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