Color Me Yellow : A Vintage Haldi Ceremony

It is very rare that there are occasions that feel like they are out of a novel. The haldi ceremony of Kanishka felt like it was straight out of a story book that was penned down decades ago. The whole set-up felt like one done for the royal household.

A vintage, detailed ancestral house, decor full of magical marigolds and family to make her feel special.




Kanishka wore a white saree in a traditional way topped with stunning handmade flower jewellery which added the pop to her ensemble. What makes this simple haldi ceremony so iconic is the perfect photography done by Aashish Photography.







The wooden swing tied to the tree looked timeless and the stunning pictures captured in the raw sunlight leaves us in awe.

Ezwed_Real_Wedding_Kanishka_Karveen_11 (1)


We’re not getting over this surreal haldi ceremony anytime soon, what about you?

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