Confused between a gown or a lehenga for you? How about both?

Saree is most girls’ one true love, but with social media storming us with pictures of gorgeous gowns and lavish lehengas, brides tend to add them on their wish list. And it’s only fair; some outfits just leave us in awe. In a traditional South Indian wedding, we hardly get an event or two where we can move from the stunning saree zone into something that’s could be called a more contemporary pick!

With only a couple of events in hand, and with a head full of dreams, it’s obvious that we’d be confused between a gown and a lehenga. The comfort of a gown and the flow of a lehenga, they’re both equally loved! So, why choose between the two? Scroll down to see brides and her besties slay a lehenga with gown details or vice versa. And we totally approve of this unique trend, because we’re getting the best of both worlds. So, why not put that to the best use? How do like this fusion fashion trend? Do tell us in the comment section below!











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