Cool Games to Conduct for Your Cool Wedding…!!

Cool games for your cool wedding…!!

Wedding receptions usually happens to know each other’s family well.And establish a bond of love.Its also a get together .To be with your relatives and recollect old memories and cherish good times.But nowadays everything happens in the blink of an eye.So , here are some cool ways to entertain the guests and for the new couples too.


#1) Pick the odd man out:

This needs more involvement.Select married couples and get any of their accessories of common.Arrange it in a table.Ask the husband to find which one is not their wives stuff.Lets test their compatibility. 13047886_1283690154979360_7021554481026998428_o
#2) Compatibility test:

This is exclusively for the new pair.Ask some questions individually and note down the answers.Put forth those questions to bride , about groom and cross check it.Vice versa.This will be more fun.




Because action speak louder than words.Split the guests into equal parts .Bride is the head for one team.And groom is the head for another.The players should enact the name of a film or a song.The choice of the film should be chosen only by the opponent.


#4) Selfie contest:

Ask the couples to take selfies or groupies and select who poses well and gift them something.Because memories never fade.


#5) Rock n Roll:

Play the music .And dance for the beat.Lets have some real fun in the vicinity.



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