7 Cute Mini-Do’s For Your Wedding Guests…!

Some brides and bridegrooms often wants to do something off the wall during their wedding. Mostly extra care and love is what all the human souls are desperate for. Why not a simple but super duper funny and innovative GESTURES that makes the guest feel just awesome.


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Guests are the unsung heroes in the wedding. They schedule their precious time and sacrifice their leisure time to make a presence in your wedding, only to bless the couples and to share their happiness. Yet, they come through rough patches when proposing offs, when booking tickets, when sparing big bucks. Why not we do something for them??!!


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Here it goes…..

#1) Prepare a wedding itinerary:

     Similar to a wedding card, programme your wedding journey route(if it is a destination wedding) or a long route wedding .This helps the guests not to tramp during your D-day and not let them lose their patience.


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#2) Pin up their room keycards in your wedding itiernary:

     Hand over their room keycards to them. This is just a cool way to make them feel that their presence is important and mandatory. It prevents from consuming their time.


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#3) Hand over Props to lessen their hesitation:

   Most guests will be hesitated to attend, if its an outdoor function or themed wedding in the scorching sunny time. In contrast , they literally get pissed off to drench during Rainy days.So, hand them some Props to withstand the seasonal sufferings.Like sunglasses and Umbrellas or arrange some Umbrella shelters.


#4) Kids special area:

Wedding is a mass gathering of relatives. So, kids will be bored and pester their parents.To avoid that, arrange some varieties of kids shops to keep them entertained.Kids playhouse will be best choice if you can afford them.


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#5) Delicious treats and Chat menus:

Include some small treats in cups like healthy soups , corns , fresh juices etc.,


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#6) Present something useful:

To greet them back for their worthful presence, hand them some saplings, books.Some stationery products for kids.Because their presence is valued.


Photo : The Cheescake Project

#7) Take a picture, say cheese:

   This idea is mind blowing. Hurry to take pictures and get them back in the form of Polaroid or a printout or a miniframe.

Thats it for today, These are quirky, yet thoughtful .


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