Don’t forget to ask these questions while fixing your wedding venue

One of the most important things during wedding planning is booking the venue. Every family can use a deep breath after fixing the venue, but not before asking these questions. We all cover the usual capacity, budget, parking, availability, questions, but here are some questions that we forget to ask. So, pin this blog post now and don’t miss out on asking these questions when you fix the venue for your big day.

  1. Are there any other events happening on the same day?

Yup, if there are, we need to make sure we don’t reach before time and if it’s after your wedding, you need to make sure you vacate quickly without causing any trouble. Also, if the venue has multiple events at the same time, you can be prepared to share the parking and make sure your guests are properly directed.



  1. Is there rain back up?

If your venue is Outdoor, make sure the venue is equipped with a back up. You can never predict when it’ll rain.


  1. What are the services included with the rent?

Many a times, services like electricity, valet come included with the rent. A few in-house helpers too, don’t forget to check it out and utilize all the services to the fullest.


  1. What is their cancellation policy?

It won’t hurt to know.

  1. Do their weekday costs vary?

This way you can be open to shift the dates, if there’s a choice.

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