Enhance your theme wedding- The most creative Engagement welcome plates decorations

What if your normal wedding events become more decorative and impressive? You feel like you are the special one who deserves everything special and momentous to hold charming memories. Wedding videos cover all these charming aspects ensure making your day the most pleasing if you think about it.    

South Indians weddings are spoken out for its artistic assurance at every point that holds ethnic value. Going with tradition, keeping all kinds of fruits and sweets for engagement in various plates is the pattern. Everyone becomes spell bound when the well crafted and beautifully designed plates hold various fruits and sweets on your engagement. Based upon the wedding theme, the engagement plates can be decorated thus you have to be very clear based upon what theme that you are going to get wed.  

Explore your expectations and scroll below till you get your interesting plate design to keep your fruit display and make your engagement more special.    

Mangala Arati plate decoration

The foremost plate that plays a significant role in a wedding engagement is the Mangala Arati plate thus everyone becomes spell bound on seeing its adorable decoration. By the way you make everyone is getting clean bolt at first sight on your engagement.

Apple plate decoration

Will you say no to these ribbon apples on your big day? After seeing its admiring prettiness, no one denies to decorate their day with this apple plate. The centre green apple is the highlight of the plate, which is also decorated with colourful ribbon to remain captivating.

Coconut decoration

The event holds pleasure when the plates to be exchanged are decorated in the most colourful manner. Brightly coloured coconuts with golden head remain captivating thus the photographer makes more clicks on this.

Beetle leaf engagement plates

If you want to keep Lord Vigneshwar at the top, it would be wise to sit over the folded beetle leaves. Lotus and the folded beetle leaves make a unique pattern through which you can grab the hearts of everyone. This cute setup can be the first snap of any photographer.

The floral bowl

When all bright coloured flowers and green leaves are stitched with thin sticks, it remains alluring in the wooden bowl. Enjoy the elegance of a beautiful wedding with it.

Creative plate decoration makes an impressive glimpse about your upcoming wedding. Plate decoration is meant for offering a token of love to the co-parents while exchanging the plates on engagement.



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