Entertaining Game Ideas For Your Wedding

Nobody dreams their wedding to be dull and boring.To make their wedding more entertaining people started including Sangeeth ceremony,dances and fun games.Everyone at the wedding loves to watch the fun element between the bride and groom while they are playing the games.To make sure your wedding doesn’t lack in the fun and entertainment aspect,we have jotted down some interesting and enthusiastic wedding game ideas to boost up everyone’s energy who have attended the wedding.

Spot the name

Entertaining Game Ideas For Your Wedding

The most popular and commonly played game during mehendi.This game is played during mehendi ceremony.In this game the bride’s mehendi includes the name or initials of the groom in a such manner that it is very difficult and time taking to spot the name or initial.The groom has to find out his name or initial at very first instance and if he fails to spot then he needs to accept all the conditions the bride mentions.

The Shoe Game

Entertaining Game Ideas For Your Wedding

This game is undoubtedly the best ever wedding game in which the bride and groom sit adjacent to each other facing their backs and will be holding their partners footwear in one hand and their footwear in another hand.When everyone poses their questions they answer to them with the footwear in their hands.

Entertaining Game Ideas For Your Wedding

The Shoe Game can also be played in a different theme with faces of the groom and bride.

Fishing for the Rings..

Entertaining Game Ideas For Your Wedding

Searching for the ring is a widely played game in Indian Wedding’s.A plate full of milk mixed with rose petals is presented before the bride and groom.Wedding rings of bride and groom are put in it and the one who finds the ring wins the game.When this game is played more than the couple all family members,guests and relatives feel more excited to see who wins the game.This is a must game to be included in weddings.

Guess Who

Entertaining Game Ideas For Your Wedding

Family plays a very important role in everyone’s life.Guess who is a game based on identifying the family members from both the groom’s and bride’s side.Initially the bride and groom doesn’t have a┬ástrong idea about the close relatives of their partners.To make them remember everyone this game is played by portraying the pictures of family members and the bride/groom should identify who they are.

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