Ethnic, Grand and Graceful | Temple blouses for your big day

India has always been famous for its beautiful temples. The rich architecture, intricate designs and stunning craftsmanship of the temples have mesmerized many. Designers are avid in bringing in beautiful details that remind us of our roots. The temples of India have a prominent gopuram which is nothing less than a work of art; they are colossal and make an impact on the crowd. Most importantly, we always have a beautiful memory associated with temples and depicting that into the attire of your big day can make it even more special.

It’s beautiful how designers obtain meaning from a beautiful architectural edifice and translate them into a saree blouse. The thought is outstanding and the beautifully handcrafted saree blouse that defines grandeur, ethnicity and gracefulness left us speechless. These are one of the newest blouse designs that got us bowled from the first look! It’s so versatile and complements any saree. Would you try a stunning temple blouse for your big day? Tell us in the comment section.

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Featured : Blouse by Naziya Syed



Featured blouse by Sajna bridal wear designer



Shot by The Memory Writers

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