From High School to Forever…!

“I loved you then, I love you still. I always have, and I always will!”

There’s always a charm about high school sweethearts, they make everyone go ‘aww’. This couple decided to a pre-wedding shoot from where it all started – their school. Amal & Elizabeth froze their high school love story in time with Tuesday Lights as a part of their pre-wedding shoot. Their love story began a decade back and now they’re getting married. And no theme would have been better than this beautiful reminisce of love.

With friends, this couple recreated their love story and captured them beautifully. They didn’t know they were making new memories while remembering the old ones. Well, getting dressed in their school uniform after twelve years would’ve been an experience of a life time. Isn’t their save-the-date picture absolutely adorable? With the Trisha and Vijay Sethupati starrer 96 on one side and this surreal wedding shoot on the other, we can’t help, but dream of a fairy tale.

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_02

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_03

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_04

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_05

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_06

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_07

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_08

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_09

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_10

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_11

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_12

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_13

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_14

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_15

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_16

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_17

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_19

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_20

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_21

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_22

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_23

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_24

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_25

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_27

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_30

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_31

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_26

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_29

Ezwed_Amal_Elizabeth_PreWedding Shoot_01

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