Get prepped for your big day – Tips & Tricks

On your marriage day every one will be visiting your house before the event has started, you and your family will be in a rush in receiving the guests, and you will focus more on how well is the event going on.But in this busy schedule you might actually miss some of the important things related to you which are very necessary on your big day.Here are few tips and tricks to be kept in mind.

Wedding Emergency Kit

This kit is your savior.Having a wedding emergency kit helps you to sort out the last minute tensions.

Checklist for the bride

1) A sewing kit – Your sewing kit should consists of small sewing needle,scissors,threads of different colours matching to the brides saree colours,safety pins.Safety pins save you whenever the fitting is to be adjusted and if any thing is torn by mistake then sewing kit saves you.

2) Bobby pins,hair bands,comb helps out once your stylist is gone.

3) Tissues – Keep a pack of tissue because you might need it a lot while performing wedding rituals or else when you are in crowd, you tend to sweat and to take care that your make up is not disturbed, you can use tissues.

4) Body Spray /Perfume/Deodorant – To smell amazing all day, do carry your favourite perfume or deodorant in your kit.

5) Mints / Mouth Freshners – Keep your breathe fresh with mints or mouth freshners.

6) Choco Bar / Snacks – You might not find much time to eat before your wedding rituals start,so to fill your tummy instantly and keep you energetic you can have choco bars or snacks.

Trail the look

The next big thing you need to get prepared for is trail look.It is suggested to go for a trail look before hand the event starts so that if any corrections are to be made they can be done and it avoids last minute tensions.You can try how your saree or outfit is on you and the jewellery and the sandals you wear.

Extra Pairs

Many a times a bride might loose her sandals in the wedding hall, because of the crowd visiting the mandap, her sandals might be misplaced and at last they are not found.So, to avoid this problem it is very much advisable to carry an extra pair of footwear on your big day.

Tips and tricks make our lives and work simpler.Don’t freak out on your big day,follow these tips and be relaxed.Happy Wedding to all the bride’s out there.



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