Walking on A Dream : Gokul Lakshmi & Sri Hari

Gokul Lakshmi and Srihari’s was what they called a purely ‘arranged’ marriage. He was her sisters brother-in-law and their families knew that they were meant to be! Their traditional Chettiyar wedding was held in Raghavendra Mandapam, Pollachi. The wedding was perfect and included all the traditions of a Chettiyar wedding. The bridal makeup was done by Chitra Senthilkumar, who brewed magic and gave an amazing output. The Wedding Photography was done by Media Hut Visuals, Coimbatore whose work left the couple impressed.

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_02

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_04

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_06

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_07

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_09

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_11

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_10

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_12

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_13

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_15

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_16

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_17

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_18

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_19

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_20

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_21

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_22

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_23

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_24

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_25

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_26

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_27

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_28

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_29

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_30

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_32

Gokul lakshmi_SriHari_33

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