Leafy Vibes! Backdrop Ideas For Wedding Ceremonies

A lot of green is happening in this world. Don’t you feel so? When you explore the recent wedding trends then you would definitely have noticed that leaves are every where.With your creativity,you can even turn out a leaf into decor element,Such is the power of art.Now a days in many wedding ceremonies we can observe these leaf backdrops which make you feel awe and relaxed at the same time.

Here are few backdrops and decor elements made with leaves.

Blissful Bananas

backdrop using those leaves and you can witness how cool it is

In every south indian wedding you can find people serving food in banana leaves.While banana leaves are being used as temporary plates in wedding,some artistic people took a chance to create a backdrop using those leaves and you can witness how cool it is.One can add extra elements like flowers,hanging bells etc to make the decoration more brighter.

flowers,hanging bells

Betel leaves

Chewing paan has many health benefits

After a wedding deal,nobody misses that mandatory paan made out of betel leaves.Chewing paan has many health benefits,apart from that to make your environment healthy you can choose this betel leaf background.We must accept that it takes a lot of patience and passion to create such a flawless backdrop.

Capturing Coconut

coconut leaves backdrop is quite unique

Creating a coconut leaves backdrop is quite unique.One can make this backdrop in different patterns like criss cross,straight or diagonal.

Lovely Lotus

Lovely Lotus

Leafy Decors

Parrots,flowers and many more decor elements

Not only for backdrops but one can use leaves as decor elements as shown above.Parrots,flowers and many more decor elements can be made out of leaves.When you are artistic then sky is your limit in making such sort of centrepieces.

Stand out and Unique with such leafy vibes promoting

As much as the flowers bring look to your decor,similarly with same sort of intense a leaf can bring when included in your decor.Stand out and Unique with such leafy vibes promoting the nature in every possible way.



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