Let your wedding cake tell your story

An unknown person once said “You can’t buy happiness,but you can buy a cake and that’s kind of the same thing”. Isn’t true? It is exactly true and cake brings you happiness by filling your tummy.Generally we don’t pay much attention while purchasing a cake for wedding.We select one decent cake and we include that cake in our celebrations.They say that “Actions speak louder than words”.So,why don’t we let the wedding cake tell the story of love between the bride and groom. Put your love into action and gift a beautiful cake to your beloved bride or groom.

Here are few mouth watering cakes you can consider for your wedding.

Isn’t it beautifully symbolized on the cake that the bride and groom are together forever.The above cake with bride and groom toppers are stealing the show in wedding season.

Magical moments in our life are termed as memories.Everyone has so many memories from their childhood.You can customize a cake with photo printed memories that bride has with the groom and celebrate their togetherness.And also you can customize a special cake with only the bride or groom pictures and give that to your life partner as a gift expressing that you will be creating more valuable memories to him/her.

Cheers to the coming adventures

It doesn’t matter where you are going, it is who you have by your side.Promising your partner to explore the world and give him/her a lifetime of adventures can be expressed with this cake.Cheers to the couple goals.

A day to be remembered

On your wedding cake you can have a topper with the starting letters of your name and the wedding date in the middle of the heart symbol.Instead of letters you can customize the cake topper with your names also.

Forever Mine

This cake speaks for the everlasting bond that the bride and groom will be creating.With the cake topper infinity symbol with names enclosed in it, symbolises that their bond is forever.

To the happy beginnings

It takes a lot of compromise and understanding of each other for a happy and successful marriage.So, giving your bride/groom that confidence that I will understand you in every moment of life and we shall lead the journey with happiness is what this cake symbolises.

Show to the world your story and to your partner the love you have in the form of a cake.Never miss the cake celebration in your wedding.



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