Most Beautiful Bridal Accessory – Smile

There may be a hundred pictures from your big day, but the prettiest pictures are the happy ones. It’s a good candid photographer’s trait to capture the perfect bridal photo with that beautiful smile. And many photographers have done it right! Be it a candid or a pose, a smile can add beauty to any photo.


Photo : Studio A AmarRamesh Photography

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”


Photo: Lumiere Wedding company 

Most brides have told us, to keep smiling constants is the key to amazing pictures and we totally agree. There are photographers, family and friends clicking pictures of your big day and we know every bride would want to look her best in every picture taken.

‘Smile is the prettiest accessory any bride can wear’ and these real brides are the proof of that.


Photo : Minchu Studios 


Photo : Studio 31 by Pranesh Photography


Photo : ZeroGravity Photography


Photo : Golden Shutter by Harsha Reddy Photography


Photo : Shakir Photography


Here are a few tricks on how to nail that perfect smile!


Photo : Harishankar Photography
  • Examine your smile much before the wedding day so you know which smile suits you the best. So you don’t end up showing all 32! Don’t forget to practice.
  • Tilt your head slightly for a perfect picture.
  • Wear a creamy lipstick, so it reflects light over your smile
  • Get your teeth cleaned before your big day.

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