Most Stylish Save-The-Date Ideas…!

We’re so over pages and pages of wedding invites! It’s all about e-invites these days. In a world full of social media, most invitations are also passed on over WhatsApp and Facebook these days. While human contact seems like a thing of the past, we love how much a couple can save on invites, and we’re pro go-green! Plus, planning a nice save-the-date for friends and loved ones means the couple gets to spend some quality time with each other and we’re pro that too! Here are some of our favorite save-the-date ideas that you should check out. Scroll all the way down; we’ve saved the best for the last.

Most Stylish Save The Date Ideas

Finding the groom’s name is one thing, but we’ve got a bride asking you to find the date of her big day!

The love story save-the-date! This one is the cutest.

Say it with a hug. It’s intimate and so in love.

If yours is a school/college love too, then don’t miss to take a trip down the memory lane. We bet you’ll enjoy the reminiscent shoot.

Most Stylish Save The Date Ideas
Most Stylish Save The Date Ideas

For the beach buddies whose love is infinite, just like the ocean.

Are you high in love too? In that case, this one seems perfect for you.

This one is our absolute favorite save-the-date idea. So, chic and classy! Say it with a stunning sparkler you guys. Let your love shine!

Most Stylish Save The Date Ideas
Most Stylish Save The Date Ideas

Which one would be your pick? If you’re camera shy, we’d recommend caricature save-the-date! They’re quirky, cute and their options are endless. Click here  to check it out!

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